Are Contractors in your Care Home Insured?

One of our clients recently called us following a particularly nasty accident at their care home. A new lift was being installed by a  lift engineering company that the care home owners had appointed. During the installation somehow the lift engineer managed to jolt the lift mechanism resulting in him suffering lacerations to his face. […] Read more

Is your Care Home Under- Insured?

There seems to be an accepted view that insurers won’t pay claims. This is often perpetuated by anecdotal stories of people whose claim was not settled because “the insurers wouldn’t pay out”. T.V. and films often use this perception as a great way of building a storyline to pile more misery on the poor unfortunate […] Read more

What does Cyber Insurance mean to you?

Cyber Liability Insurance is something that every business should consider, after all without your data you don’t have a business. However, there are so many opportunities to buy the wrong cover as there are different levels of cover and varying degrees of understanding by both insurers, brokers and clients. Cyber liability insurance means different things […] Read more