Care Home Insurance – Amazing Activities in your care home?

We are often asked about the effect on insurance cover by care homes wanting to carry out an activity.

Fetes, garden parties, firework displays, visiting animals every type of activity to bring joy to the residents, and care team of course!

The first thing of course is to ensure that any activity has a thorough risk assessment carried out and that those participating are safe to do so.

Aside from the one off large events that often get referred to us the regular daily activities should also have risk assessments and be part of a well thought out programme of events that are diverse enough so that everyone can find something that they would like to take part in. Organised fun isn’t for everyone so a resident might not be unsociable and just requires an activities co-ordinator to have a chat and get to know the resident and hopefully discover something that suits them.

During lockdown we have been impressed by the number of care homes posting photos and videos of some really imaginative and fun events that have been taking place across the country and shows the positive side of care that is all too often unseen. We hope you all continue to keep posting!

At Brents Insurance we arrange care home insurance daily and we feel that when a care home is providing a really good activities programme it leads to better care, better motivation, and a better place to live and work so we aim to negotiate better insurance premiums for you.

We would love to hear from you and find out what activities you provide so please get in touch and share your stories.